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Emitt at Lincoln Center — December 19, 1971

Yes, Emitt played Lincoln Center back in 1971. Amazingly, this show DOES exist in recorded form, though I have yet to hear it. It's being tossed around for a possible future release by a well-known record company (the name of which I'll keep to myself).

I've been contacted by a number of people that caught the performance (I only wish I were among them!). Two of them were kind enough to share some items relating to the performance. The ad above and the photo below were both submitted by Ronnie D'Addario, who writes:

"What I remember about that night is Emitt entering from stage left (performers perspective), wearing glasses, non chalantly looking towards the balcony and musing, 'Nice place'. I was in the second row so I could hear him. He said it before he reached the mike. The hall was about one quarter full. I don't remember what he opened with. Emitt and the band sounded good though. He switched between guitar and piano.

He got an encore and he introduced the song by saying,'Here's a song that I'm working on right now and I haven't finished it yet.' He went into it and abruptly stopped and said, 'Well, that's all I have so far, so thanks. Good night.' The audience kind of groaned and I think he weirded everyone out. It was interesting in any case. I enjoyed the bulk of the show, but I think, even then, Emitt was feeling that 'Farewell to Paradise' attitude. I feel lucky to have experienced such a rare appearance from a very talented guy." - Ronnie D'Addario

Steve Berman also attended the performance and faithfully held onto the program he received that night. Nice find. Big thanks to both Steve and Ronnie for their contributions.

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