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"Birthday Lady" Video

In the Seventies, London-based Mountain Films Ltd. released a series of video tapes entitled Music Unlimited. Each tape featured "videos" of popular artists performing their songs. Volume 2 of the series featured Emitt performing "Birthday Lady". Emitt fan George Twells came across one of these tapes in a junk shop one day and grabbed it. It's turned out to be quite a rare item and was apparently never released in the States. George was kind enough to copy the video onto a tape that my American VCR could get along with and I present it to you below, along with some screen grabs. Thanks George!

To watch the "Birthday Lady" video*, choose your connection type below:

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This is the same video, but at a larger size. Recommended for high-speed users only:


*You must have RealPlayer installed on your computer. If you don't, go here. (Just get the free version.)

Below are some stills taken from the video.

"...All your life's been spent

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